Friday, November 6, 2009

Talk about bad sportsmanship

So I was just watching the soccer match between BYU vs. New Mexico. It's ridiculous what people can do! Really, why go as far is this girl Elizabeth Lambert did. She pulled hair, punched a girl and other terrrable things. I mean seriously!! The good thing is she is suspended!! Watch it it's sad but kind of funny.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Exciting News!!

Just yesterday I found out that DAVID ARCHULETA is coming to St. George to do a concert from one of my good friends that is in LOVE with him. So right as I got homefrom school I texted my mom and casualy told her that David Archuleta is coming to St. George to do a concert. And Serprisingly enough she said NO way he is?!! From there we decided to get the tickets. So on the 24th of this month me, my mom, my sisters, my sisters friend, and one of my friends are going! I'm so flippin excited for it. It will be my first concert I'v been to. =D

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So these past few months my knee has been KILLING me! So I told my sister (the soon to be nurse) that my knees were hurting and she said you should come to my work. ( She works at advanced physical therapy) So an appointment was set! When I went, me being my worry self got really nervous!! My cheeks got all red and I was even shaking a little. I was mostly worried for 2 reasons ONE I thought it was something that was going to keep me from play sports and TWO I had REALLY harry legs!! Through all the little exercises Cam ( the dude that was looking at my knee) did I was counting the minutes tell I could leave!! But he was way nice!! So the diagnosis he gave me was I have Patelertendanites A.K.A. Jumpers knee. So I have to wear this strap around my knee when ever I play a sport. Also I have to take Ibuprofen three times a day. =/

Sunday, February 1, 2009

EFY- Especialy For Youth

EFY was yesterday it was WAY super awesome!!! But the bad part was we had to be there around 8:00 A.M. tell noon!! On a Saturday that's way to early!! At the beginning it mostly consisted of me, Jenessa, and Shelsey playing games. Mostly cause we got there like an hour and a 1/2 early and we had nothing else to do. When it finally started the conductor person started he introduced the first speaker. He described her being 6 feet and the shortest in her family. When she started, right off the bat I was laughing my but off she was so hilarious. Some of the things she said that were funny was, she was at an airport with another speaker waiting to get on there flight and She said to the other speaker "I bet you someone is going to come up to me and say WOW your tall do you play basketball?" and Three minutes later A little Chinese lady came over and asked that exact Question. Lis (the speaker) said (In fury) to the little lady "Wow your so short you must play miniature golf". O My Gosh Everyone busted a gut it was hilarious!!!
The 2nd speaker was way funny too he wasn't nearly as tall as the first speaker but anyway some of the things he talked about was when his kids had a problem his wife would make him go take care of it and so one night his littlest boy said "Dad I like girls" and the dad said "No you don't" "Yes I do" Dad-"No you don't girls are yucky!!" Son-"No Dad girls are yummy" Yesterday a girl waved at me and i knew right then I liked girls.(He was about 7,8, or 9) Ha ha That was way funny!! Another one was the speakers family was on a plane and one if his sons said "Dad i can't see Heavenly Father or Jesus Anywhere" ha ha that was way funny.
P.S. Thanks to all the speakers for your wonderful testimony's and talks they weren't boring at all. =D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Up Date

Okay This Saturday are the try outs for boarder league basketball. And yes I am going to try out and I'm SO excited!! O and I also order those volleyball shoes (the ones with the black lases!) along with basketball shoes!! Yeah I'm so excited to get them!! =D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Which On??

Witch One Do You Like The Best??

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tough choice!

This week has been tough! I've had to make some choices about what sport I want to do because doing soccer basketball and volleyball all the same time is pretty tough and my dad would get to over whelmed. (He's a "Mr. Mom") So me and my mom had a talk about witch one is the most fun and stuff like that. Your probable thinking why does it matter what sport she plays. Well I have played on the Dixie Dragons/ Dixie Breakerz sense 2005 and made some really good friends and had so many great learning experiences. In volleyball I already made a commitment about being on the team ( A club team, HVVC/Red Rock) Before I knew that soccer practice started. And Basketball is kind of just a "I have no other sport to do"
sport, so that wasn't a hard choice to make. So now it's between soccer and volleyball. (Now this is where you insert what sport you think I'm going to do. . . . .)

My conclusion was (drum roll please. . . .) I'm going to stick with my commitment with volleyball. So no more soccer. =*( It was THE hardest choice I've had to make!!! There is some good and bad things that come out of this choice. Some good things are in volleyball everyone I mean EVERYONE says great job and gives high fives and everyone keeps each other pumped. In soccer sometimes girls say good job and stuff like that. Some bad things are I don't get to go to the park city tournament or hang out with some of my friends on the team as much. So there is my choice! =D =(

I wish with all my heart that I could do both!!!!!!! =*(

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is my new favorite game!

Me and my friend Jenessa were in the computer lab yesterday and she showed me this web site. It's awesome!! It was so cool that everyone was playing it by the time we had to leave. Any ways here is the web site try it out! =D

P.S. When you get to it there will be a little gray box in the upper left hand corner that will tell you how to play.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poor Old Fence

The fence in my back yard is pretty much older then dirt. Your probably wondering why I'm talking about my OLD fence. Well on the day after Christmas we had hurricane like winds! it was CRAZY!! plus it was raining cats and dogs. So this is how it went down, me and the fam were inside just chilling when I heard a CRASH. So I dashed outside to see what had happened and there was the fence just sitting there in the ground. When I saw it I went and got my dad and said "dad dad the fence blew over the fence blew over" so we both dashed out. Then my sisters came out and started laughing hysterically. Also my sister(her being a blogger also) said "Take a picture take a picture" so that's how that interesting night went. And yes we got pictures so here you go. (These are from the day after the storm, it was VERY hard to take a picture in rain.) =D

My Gifts

This year I got the coolest gifts. ( I thought) Here are some of the things I got. . .

  • Clothes(3 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants)
  • Twilight poster( WICKED awesome)
  • Twilight Soundtrack(Also Wicked Awesome)
  • Sing It Disney Style(super fun)
  • Digital Camera
  • A book
  • Rubber wristband (like the Live strong ones)
  • Guiter Hero: World Tour Not mine but it was a family gift)
  • Mario Cart(Also Family Gift)

That's pretty much it. =D